In your FREE Intro Session, you'll learn how we access, decode and organize the rich flow of information received through the FELT SENSE. Why is this important? Because this flow of information is what connects us with our vitality, clarity, abundance and joy.

If we decide together that the Biology of Being work is right for you, we'll continue with a deeper dive into the BIOLOGY OF BEING BASICS.


TO BECOME fluent in your FELT SENSE, building rapport with your most vital resources that get packed down under layers of stress that limit our higher intelligence, creative expression and movement.

TO DISCOVER pathways to resources that are the fuel (the neuro-chemical responses) needed to relax your body and optimize your energy -- even in the most challenging circumstances.

TO UNDERSTAND how to "map" your inner terrain for these resources needed to thrive.

You'll complete the series with a new baseline in your "inner-experiencing" that displays as greater clarity of purpose, joy for life, abundance, sense of belonging and freedom from limiting thoughts and emotions.

We stay connected between each session via text, email or phone to support your progress in the work.

Series of 3 one-hour Sessions $949
This is an introductory series offered to those who complete a free intro session.

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ORIENT to your own inherent creative approach to life, developing powerful skills of perceptivity and listening -- the signature of good leaders.

"RE-MEMBER" your infinitely rich inner resources (neurochemical responses) and ability to call them forward on command to relax your body and optimize your energy, anywhere, anytime.

THRIVE as a "new normal" way of life that for most people is blocked by maladaptive stress patterns.

CONVERT habits of stress patterns into nourishing habits of BEING that demonstrate greater decision-making, problem-solving and sense of satisfaction in all areas of your life -- including your health, career, relationships, and money.

BECOME fluent in the Somatic Intelligence of your sensory/feeling body--the domain you need to be in, to clarify what you want and be able to get it.

SELF REGULATE -- under simulated pressure in your "training space" creating the safety needed for your organismic intelligence to function at optimal health and wholeness.

RESET your Autonomic Nervous System to the frequency and resonance of who you want to be.

INTEGRATE this new energy through the change process so you don't default back to limited ways of being.

DESIGN a self-care practice that nourishes, heals and prepares you daily for the action that leads to an accomplished Sovereign Life.

The Biology of Being Intensive is a self-paced one-on-one training, where you can track your progress toward your goals and dreams.

-40 one-hour sessions $11,775
-8 one-hour sessions $2,995

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BRAIN & BODY 360° Rehearsal Workout

A workout like no other, Brain & Body 360° is a total mind & body REHEARSAL WORKOUT to prepare you for your day, your projects, your meetings, your dream or vision, your challenges, your quarter, your year, your life.

This is my proprietary training approach combining somatics, NLP, breathwork and HIIT. I believe each life has a purpose and for most of us the missing fundamentals are the coordination between deep tissue preparation, exercise, meditation and mindset organization. The way I do this is by getting my muscles, deep somatic function and breath orchestrating coherently with my brain.

In this workout you will become who you need to be to meet the challenges of your life, break through limitations and prevail over circumstances and barriers that interrupt you living your dreams.

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Biology of Being Retreat 2024

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Gina Carlson is a master facilitator in guiding us in what it takes to empty out and await Clarity of Life to occur for us with Ease & Grace. Gina is my teacher, guide and sweet soul sister that has touched, moved and inspired me only every time that I’ve had the privilege of being in Her Presence.

Dr. Habib Sadeghi

Physician and Author of The Clarity Cleanse

Gina is an earth angel! With her kindness, intuition & knowledge she has gently guided me in my journey past my mind and limitations and into the innate wisdom and insight held within my body and soul. In the process of illuminating my inner spirit my future path is continuously revealed. I always look forward to my time spent working  with Gina and her amazing energy and light.

Ellen Cooper

Health Professional

Working with Gina changed my life.  I have always been inspired and operated from great intentions, but Gina’s raw love and guidance created a shift in me, revealing that my way of seeing society was blocking me from seeing who I truly I am.  The EmbodyCom work challenged me to step up and play bigger.  I now have a deeper connection to my essence, my soul and my value.

Eric Graciano

Branding Expert

What drew me to work with Gina is her collaborative approach to meditation – together discovering the pathways to a deeper dive, respecting that each person’s experience is unique. Gina’s curiosity, coupled with her demonstration of active learning with humility, are the hallmarks of a great teacher – one who is along for the ride and recognizes that the individual is in charge of their path and their healing. There is a great sense of safety derived from this kind of relationship, and therefore, a great opening up to possibilities within and without.

Janet Ettinger


Working with Gina has given me a solid foundation so that I could move forward with my dream of launching my life coaching practice. I have learned so many lessons and techniques from Gina which I use in my every day life, and also in my work as a life coach. I am a grateful student of her work, her dedication, her belief in me, and for how much my life has changed for the better from working with Gina.

Karri Powers

Life Coach

I was blown away by the rapid results I achieved through Gina’s work — a synthesis of various modalities, that I found to be a powerful manifestation tool that has changed my life and what I thought possible for myself. Plus Gina Carlson is super gentle and creates a really safe space while challenging you to go further than you thought you ever could. She’s a total bad ass, dressed in sheep’s clothing!!– in a GOOD way!! 

Michelle White Hart

Video & Visibility Empowerment Coach

After much study of meditation and performance from every angle with transformational leaders, Gina’s created an access to a new path into high performance and achieving our dreams. I’ve meditated with Gina. She has a gift. Her work is transformative.

Roseann Higgins


Every time I take Gina’s class I walk out at the end of it with all of my body cells lit up and energized! Her work has allowed me to bypass my mind and drop into my body’s intelligence which is far more kind, loving, supportive and productive than my never ending “to do list”. I don’t have enough words to describe the power of the work – it is quite a treat to be led by her in the most gentle, loving, nurturing and focused way.  I highly recommend working with her and experiencing her magic first hand. 

Savita Chaudry

Life Coach