Power of Practice

The Power of Practice. It is the key to everything!

Whether your practice is the EM Class, yoga, church, whether you connect through nature or prayer ritual… whatever it is that gets you to that place inside, “the autonomic nervous system“ to state scientifically.

It’s that place where we have the power and ability to discern what’s real and not real. It’s where we are sovereign, it’s where we are in charge.

Practice is that activity that melts the gate between the conscious and unconscious mind. Why is that so important?
Because once we’re in there, we have full access to everything -- our intelligence, intuition, will power, good decision making our reasoning, our clear perception.

And with the multitude of outside authority these days, telling us what’s good for us, what’s good for our body, what’s good for us medically, it’s more important than ever that we find our way back to that Inherent Intelligence within that can’t help making good decisions because making good decisions and living well is what it's designed for.

Nobel Prize winner Kandel in 2000 found that, when people learn just one bit of information - they double the number of connections in their brain from 1300 to 2600 connections. Think about it. That means there’s a physical result in your brain as a result of your interaction with that bit of information.

Wow! Mind does move matter! When you apply, demonstrate, in other words practice that knowledge — how you’re behaving then matches your intentions and how you’re acting then matches your thoughts. At this point you’re going to have a new experience via a neuro-chemical, called a feeling or emotion.

This new experience is going to enrich the circuits in your brain that you previously only understood intellectually or philosophically. And that learned bit of information, (that produces the chemical that becomes the feeling or emotion) when PRACTICED consistently is how you put brains in your muscles; it is how you move the truth of the learned information FROM mind, TO body and soul.

As the years go, the more I understand that everything we think, do, say and feel is practice. We have 40 or so million -- moment to moment to moment moments. Practicing getting right what matters to us, is our spiritual inheritance.

My relationship with my partner Bob is the result of never giving up on my dream to find my person. Practice is the space we land in, when we generate courage to try again and again and again...keep showing up for your life's practice and you will eventually reach your target or realize your dream.

About the Author

Gina Carlson Gina Carlson is a meditation teacher and mindset coach. Gina created EMBODITATE to help people access their heart intelligence -- essential for building the mental, emotional and physical agility needed to thrive in the modern world.