Power of Vision

Everything I do in my work begins with the vision we have for our life.

Cultivating a vision for the future isn't woo-hoo, it isn't about manifesting dreams. It’s about manifesting the present moment. The vision or dream that we connect our hearts to, moves our PRESENT MOMENT EXPERIENCE to our happy, smart and healthy self.  RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.

The brain doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined, so using a FUTURE VISION is simply practical.

Working daily with something that inspires you is all the leverage you need. It could just be wanting to have a better attitude towards your mate, or a vision of yourself as a kinder or more patient person. Even the little small dreams and wishes alter our chemistry, which alters our genetic, financial, relationship and career destiny.

Allowing our thinking to be consumed by a dream or vision is really, really good for our health. Tethering ourselves to that dream or vision from a place of radical acceptance of ourselves and our circumstances turns anxiety to love and fear to gratitude, improving our immune system by 50%.

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About the Author

Gina Carlson Gina Carlson is a meditation teacher and mindset coach. Gina created EMBODITATE to help people access their heart intelligence -- essential for building the mental, emotional and physical agility needed to thrive in the modern world.