The Secret Power of Overwhelm

Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear? ~ Lao Tzu

You're OVERWHELMED. The only response you can muster is curling up in a fetal position. ⁠

⁠Afraid this means you're weak? Do it anyway. It's perfectly normal and healthy to curl up into yourself. It's not weak, but rather your Bio-intelligence cueing you to what it needs. 🐬🧡⁠

I have grown to love the fetal position. When I'm lost it's like GPS, leading me to the very resources I find myself deplete in; deep rest, connection and surrender. ⁠

By dropping below the scary thinking that's causing the scary feelings that my body bristles to -- I slip into the rhythmic pulse of my Felt Sense THAT IS is the state of deep rest, connection and surrender...⁠ahhhh!⁠

My fetal-shaped body, feeling itself now, as one resounding beat...moving muddy water with her breath and pulse. ⁠

Sinking down, I feel held and supported by something much bigger than me. ⁠

Maybe it's the Universal Mother...I dunno, but I do understand -- in this moment, I can let go and that with each breath, I AM the PATIENCE I need...⁠

As I lie here, I become instantly aware of the places inside -- the very tissue that needs to feel itself. ⁠

Sans effort, I sink more...slowly giving way to the "MUDDY WATER" aka the symptom that my mind calls OVERWHELM, but my body knows is her medicine. ⁠

Tracking her now, my FELT SENSE, she melts into the OVERWHELM, allowing it to have it's way with her. ahhh! ⁠

It’s edgy. I’m in new territory now as a thrust of life-giving resources rush into me. I drink in the reverberating awe, wonder, tenderness, strength, curiosity, renewed vigor; they permeate sensorily, converting the sense of overwhelm to something useful. ⁠

CLEAR WATER arriving...restoring pathways to intelligent thinking, emotional states that heal and the quality of energy it takes to find my way through. 🙏💜⁠

About the Author

Gina Carlson Gina Carlson is a meditation teacher and mindset coach. Gina created EMBODITATE to help people access their heart intelligence -- essential for building the mental, emotional and physical agility needed to thrive in the modern world.